Securely stream any command-line program to the web

If you can run your program on the command line, you can stream its output to the web with full end-to-end encryption. Zero friction sharing and a real-time collaboration UI with inline commenting. No extra software to install - built entirely on open-source software already on your computer.

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Secure end-to-end encryption

AES-256 end-to-end encryption ensures that only you and your team can see your data, and nobody in between, not even TeamTail. Only using battle-tested open-source technology (OpenSSL). All data is transfered over TLS/SSL.

Works with any text stream

You can cat a config file to use TeamTail as a secure command-line pastebin. You can tail -F a log file to collaboratively debug server errors in realtime. You can send output of a long-running command-line program so your entire team can monitor it's progress. You can even build you own integration with our TCP API.

Real-time collaboration to work together even when you're apart

Real-time streaming to the web with inline commenting. No additional software necessary. No sign up required to get stream and share. Sign in with Google, Facebook, or GitHub to leave comments.

1 Minute Tutorial

One-time setup: Add the teamtail script to your $PATH, for example: /usr/local/bin/teamtail. Remember to run chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/teamtail to make the file executable. See our docs if you want to learn more.

  printf '%s\n' "${TEAMTAIL_APIKEY:-anonymous}" 
  while IFS= read -r line; do
      printf '%s\n' "$line" | openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -a -A -md md5 -pass "pass:${TEAMTAIL_ENC_PW:-password}" -e
  sleep 5
) > >(openssl s_client -quiet -no_ign_eof -connect

Pipe any text stream to teamtail and it'll just work.The script will pull your encryption password from your $TEAMTAIL_ENC_PW environment variable. But if one doesn't exist, it will default to "password".

export TEAMTAIL_ENC_PW="your encryption password"
tail -F /var/log/apache2/error.log | teamtail

The script will output a URL that you can share. This is called a pipe.

 Streaming to:{randomString}

Share the link and your encryption password with your team.

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Something doesn't work the way you'd expect it to? Want to customize the teamtail script? Want to build your own custom integration with our TCP API?

Check out our documentation ⤍
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TeamTail is still in Beta, so feedback is appreciated! Questions that our documentation doesn't answer? Need something more than what our Pro tier provides? Found a bug? Click the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen to chat with us!



No sign up required

- Unlimited pipes

- Unlimited shares

- Unlimited viewing pipes

- Up to 3 concurrent sessions

- Sessions up to 1 hour

- Max of 1k lines per pipe



- Everything in Anon tier

- Unlimited commenting

- Up to 10 concurrent sessions

- Sessions up to 8 hours

- Max of 10k lines per pipe

- Dashboard with history of pipes you created and most recently viewed pipes

- Email support



- Everything in Free tier

- Up to 100 concurrent sessions

- Sessions up to 24 hours

- Max of 100k lines per pipe

- Priority email support


- Everything in Pro tier

- Unlimited concurrent sessions

- Unlimited session length

- Unlimited pipe size

- Priority support